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Professional Knife Sharpener Tool, 3 Stages Sharpener with Handle, Chef's Knives Kitchen Accessories to Restore Non-Serrated Knife Blades Quickly, Safely

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The manual Kitchen knife sharpener is handy tool for sharping different kitchen knives. Whether you have a ceramic knife, steel knife or you knife to slice meet, cut fruits. It can restore the V-shape, sharp the blade.

All you have to do is pull your knife through the sharpener to get the edge back! Plus, the black and chrome color scheme will look great in your kitchen.

1. Slot Ceramic: It made of diamond rod, it works for sharping ceramic knives & Steel knives, to repair and straighten your damaged blades. You can use this slot when you want to sharp your ceramic knife. Or you can use it for steel knife when your knife is not very smooth on slicing the meet.
2. Slot Coarse: It made of Tungsten steel. It works for steel knives. You can use this slot when the knife is dull and need to restore the V-Shape.
3. Slot Fine: It made of aviation ceramic rod; it works for sharping steel knives. You can use this slot when the knife is not smooth with cutting vegetables or fruits.It's safe and easy to use.
4. Base Removeable for Wash: You can remove the base for daily cleaning.

1. Place the knife sharpener on a flat surface.
2. Hold the knife sharpener by the stainless steel rod.
3. For a very dull knife, hold the knife by the handle and pull it along the coarse slot toward you 4 to 16 times depending on how dull the knife is.
4. Move the knife to the fine slot and pull it toward you until it is as sharp as desired. It can take as little as 4 pulls or for very dull knives up to 55 pulls. This is to polish the blade off and to hone the knife. It will be VERY sharp, so be careful.
5. Wipe with a dry cloth to clean.

It does NOT work for serrated knife.


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