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Memory Foam Travel Pillow Comfort Neck Pillow with Head & Neck Support (Red-Pink)

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Restful Sleep While Traveling!

How to Get Comfortable and Pain-Free Sleep on Airplanes

Are you tired of jolting awake when the plane lands, only to find that your neck is locked painfully at a 45-degree angle on your neighbor's shoulder?Trying to nestle our drowsy heads into the corner between the chair and the window, reclining as far as possible and hoping we don't roll over onto the man in the aisle seat.The point is, comfortable, restful sleep on an airplane is almost impossible.

There is finally a solution.The Travel Pillow is a portable, luxurious, and compact way to travel in comfort and style, no matter where your travels take you.This innovative neck pillow not only features a plush cover that will quickly drift you into dreams, but it is also made of memory foam to give you the support and comfort that you need on those long flights.

Some people avoid neck pillows because they are bulky, poorly made, uncomfortable, or overly expensive. With the Travel Pillow, you can avoid all of these concerns.

• Highest quality visco-elastic foam 
• Foam compression that responds slowly to pressure,creating a perfect cradle for your head 
• Compact and convenient
• Detachable and machine-washable plush cover 


If you're tired of being tired after your airplane journeys, then join the thousands of people who have already taken their travel experience to the next level with the Travel Pillow.

Text blockMemory Foam Travel Pillow Comfort Neck Pillow with Head & Neck Support (Red-Pink)


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