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House of quirk

Drinking Game Set with Spinning Wheel, Balls and Shot Glasses

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Don't gamble with the fun at your party!
Make sure that everyone has a great time by playing a rowdy drinking game
inspired by a favorite game at the casino - drinking roulette. 

The Better Line Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Set gives you everything you need to play it! 
Drinking roulette is simple. 
Simply fill the 16 standard-sized shot glasses included in the Better Line Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Set up with your favorite alcohol.
Up to 16 players can place a bet by choosing one of the red or black glasses. 
Once everyone's bets have been placed, spin the wheel and watch the stainless steel balls roll. 
The people with the bets that correspond to the numbers in the positions where the ball lands drink! 
Refill the glasses and play again and again. 

Made from high quality materials,
the roulette wheel in the Better Line Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Set that measures 12 inches in diameter and will fit on any table.
It's patterned after the roulette games found in casinos to make your drinking game as authentic as possible. 

We designed the Better Line Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Set to make parties plenty of fun, 
and we want you and your guests to love it.

If you're dissatisfied with it for any reason, we'll refund your money. 

See if Lady Luck is on your side at your next party by giving this fun drinking game a spin. 

Order the House of Quirk Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Set now.
Great gift idea for a 21st birthday party for men and women. Also great for adult parties with alcohol.


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